Here at Harlequin we strive to provide opportunities for all ages and backgrounds. This year, we decided to introduce our very own Intern program, for budding creatives to create and showcase their very own productions. Our teams have been working very hard, and are excited for the shows on 22nd and 23rd of November. Tickets are $15 and can be purchased at the door or by emailing

Show concepts:

  1. Vienna

Alice, a young girl, returns to the town she grew up in after time away and discovers that the town has changed for the better. She attempts to fit into this new town, only to find that maybe she doesn’t belong here anymore. Will Alice stay and try to make her way in her town or decide to take a new step and leave her home?

Director/Choreographer: Molly Griffiths

Musical Director: Harrison Griffiths

  1. Bloom

After high school, Finley is not sure where to go, Uni? Travel? She ends up in her Mother’s florist doing work experience. Follow her journey as she encounters a set of characters from all walks of life who offer her advice along with wacky, fantastic stories. Will Finley bloom into the young women her parents want her to be? Or will she make her own path?

Co Director/Co Choreographer: Amelia Claridge

Co Director/Co Choreographer: Bella De Silva

  1. The Contract

How well do we know our friends? The ones we trust with all our secrets? The Contract follows Illeana and Alex as they come face to face with the harsh realities of this concrete jungle we call Auckland, their families and each other. Can these best friends defy these odds?!

Co-Director and Writer: Tim Romero

Co-Director/Musical Director/Choreographer: Daedae Tekoronga-Waka